Nonsuch Bay, Antigua

Here's another one we've eyed up lately:  Nonsuch Bay, Antigua.  It's a relatively small (60 units), full-service resort right on the water on the southeast part of the island.  If you are into sailing or kitesurfng, this is the place for you!  And even better, if you'd like to learn either of these sports, this is really the place for you!  

Nonsuch Bay is in a somewhat remote location, so some may consider that to be a ding.  Everything you need is there at the resort, but if you are someone who likes to get out and explore, it's tougher to do from here.  Also, Antigua has many gorgeous beaches, but the one at Nonsuch Bay is not one of them.  It is a nice, clean, calm beach, but given the amount of sea grass in the bay here, it's not much of a real swimming beach.  

There are many pros, though, too:  child-friendly, with children's sailing lessons and other activities; sailing and kitesurfng lessons on property; short boat ride to uninhabited Green Island for a picnic and snorkeling; on-property bar and restaurant.  

Check it out!  Nonsuch Bay Resort