Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Oh my gosh, wow!!!  After much research and years of talking about it, we took a trip to the charming, teeny island of Bequia, one of the Grenadine islands.  Hesitation in years past was due to 1) worry over whether or not there would be enough to do on such a small island and 2) high cost of getting there.  In doing our research, we discovered that there was plenty to do.  Unfortunately, there's really nothing that can be done to avoid the high cost of getting there.   

We did end up splurging a bit on our flight from Barbados to Bequia.  Flying via scheduled flights would've had us waiting in Barbados for about 3 hours for our flight to Bequia.  For not that much more money, our hotel (Bequia Beach Hotel) booked us a private charter via Mustique Airways which was worth every additional penny!  Our flight from JFK arrived a little late, but since the private charter worked on our schedule, there was nothing to worry about!    

We had the whole (tiny) airplane to ourselves.  All four passenger seats.  :-)    Leading up to the trip, I had a fair amount of anxiety about the puddle-jumper flight, but it was actually kind of fun.  The plane was quite comfortable, with cushy leather seats and the views from up there were incredible.  Again, no worries!  Isn't that what a Caribbean vacation should be like?  

One thing I found interesting was that we must've been asked a dozen times how we found out about Bequia.  Prior to our trip, a fair number of people asked me where we were going on vacation this year and not one person I told had ever heard of Bequia.  So, I guess it is a fair question to ask how we found out about it!  

As the taxi driver drove us through the village on the way to the airport to catch our departing flight, we saw many people hanging around as it was a holiday that day.  It was obvious where we were headed because of all the luggage we had with us.  This is true -- we heard jovial yells of "Turn around!  Don't go!  Come back!" as we drove past one group of people.  We chuckled, but it showed the pride the locals have in their home and their island.  Rest assured, we will be back!

What We Love:

  • No large, all-inclusive type resorts
  • Lots to do, especially for such a small island
  • Day trips to neighboring islands are easy to arrange and relatively quick
  • Reasonable prices
  • Warm and friendly people
  • Authentic, old-school Caribbean vibe and charm
  • Casual atmosphere

What To Know:

  • Bequia is difficult and expensive to travel to
  • Beach sand is not white and powdery (as in Anguilla or Turks and Caicos), but is not dark or black, either (as in St. Lucia)
  • Generally speaking, food is good but that's not what you go there for