Hotel Isle de France, St. Barth

Not on a budget?  This is a world class hotel on the gorgeous beach of Flamands.  We have no qualms about recommending this hotel to anyone, it is glamourous and classy and the food, drink, service and atmosphere are beyond outstanding.  This hotel is also home to the Molton Brown Spa, where you can begin your spa experience with a private mud bath (fun if you are with someone else and you get to rub mud all over each other!) and end with a trio of sorbet, definitely a unique experience to be enjoyed.  For the past several years the spa has run a low season special and for only 95 euros you get a massage, lunch and use of the beach/pool for the day.  Also check out the fashion shows on Tuesday nights at 6:30, but be sure to make a reservation!  By the way, fashion shows in St. Barth are very popular.  Something about them taking place in fabulous beach hotels and restaurants makes you feel even further away from reality than you already are!

Note:  want to do IDF on a budget?  We stayed at Villa Finistere several years ago, which is right across the street, and its guests can open an account at IDF and have charging priveleges at the hotel.  This doesn't include use of the IDF beach chairs or pool, but the villa has a nice pool and comes with plenty of beach chairs so we just took them across the street with us.  No problem!  We would be happy to contact the owner of this great villa for you and put together a vacation package that will ensure you enjoy every moment.