Le Ti, St. Barth

Oh wow.  What to say about this one.  Nothing can prepare you for Cabaret Night at Le Ti.  Even watching the video on the website did not prepare me for the fun had on my 40th birthday (see above pic).  Bring your dancing shoes and get ready to dance on tables!  Taxis are expensive to get to this out of the way place (60 euros each way would not be unusual!) so if someone can commit to being the sober driver it may help your bottom line.  Think of it as your big night out in Vegas, in other words, just have fun and worry about the repercussions later!  If you are celebrating a milestone, this is THE place to do it, and we would love to help you make it special.  Budget at least $150 per person for dinner, $250 if you can't resist the bottles of champagne that seem to flow very freely here!