Tom Beach Hotel, St. Barth

Google this one and you will find lots of reviews; we can definitely echo those that say this is a place for the social traveler.  Just listen to the song playing on its webpage and you will instantly be transported, it also tells a great story about vacationing in this paradise.  The bar/restaurant (La Plage) is a hot spot for drinks and music at night, so we would not recommend this hotel if you require peace and quiet and like turning in early.  I am a bit baffled by reviews that say the staff is not friendly, we had the opposite experience.  Brice and Damien take great care of everyone during the day on the beach, making sure the guests are comfortable with beach chairs, towels, drinks and snacks.  We stayed in 2 different rooms, Room 4 and Room 7, both are by the small pool.  4 is definitely the winner of the two.  7 needs some updates.