Double Deuce Restaurant, Nevis

We weren't quite sure what to expect from Double Deuce.  We thought it was more of just a beach bar, although located a ways off the beach.  It is considered to be located on Pinneys Beach, but you cannot see the water line from the restaurant.  But while on island, we drove by, got a feel for the place, and read dining suggestions that were in our villa.  We decided to give it a shot and we were not disappointed!  We only wish we had gone earlier in the week we were there so that we would've had time to eat there more than once.  

We found it to be more of a restaurant, that just happened to have a vibe that makes one want to stay and hang out for a while.  The service was friendly and helpful and the food was delicious!  Other guests were friendly as well.  While I was perusing the menu on the chalkboard, one diner told me the burgers were not to be missed, same with the banana toffee pie.  The advice was spot on -- they were fantastic, along with the lobster cocktail and fresh mahi mahi.  

For daytime visits, there is a pool with deck and chairs.  At all hours, there is a trampoline, pool table and ping pong table.  Our kids loved being able to play and jump before and after eating, while we lingered at the table, guilt-free.  

Highly recommended!  

Important Notes:  

* The prices on the menu are in Eastern Caribbean dollars, so don't be scared off!  (Conversion rate is roughly 2.6 dollars EC to 1 dollar US.)  

*  Double Deuce only accepts cash or travelers checks -- no credit cards!