Yachtsman Grill, Nevis

We enjoyed two dinners here and spent two afternoons on the beach here.  Yachtsman Grill is right on the beach at Hamilton Beach Villas & Spa.  There is construction on the property as they build more villa units, but nothing interfered with our experience.  The property is lovely and in a great location, right on the beach.    

The staff is very warm and friendly.  (Our first night there, the bartender took a lobster out of the tank so our son could get an up-close view, which was fun.)  Our visit coincided with the NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament, and Yachtsman Grill had a fun contest going on in honor of March Madness.  Pay $1 to take a shot at the basketball hoop -- if you made it, you won a beer.  If not, you lost your dollar.  They're pretty serious about it, too!  I had to beg a little bit for them to let our 9-year old son take some shots just for fun.  

The menu includes fresh fish specials, pizza and pasta.  Everything we ordered was fantastic!  Here's one piece of advice -- don't skip The Coconut Lime Pie.  It is scrumptious!  

As far as going during the day, keep in mind that Yachtsman Grill has more of a restaurant feel to it than a beach bar feel.  But the beach is gorgeous, the chairs are right there to use, and the bar is always open.  We did end up hanging out here on two separate afternoons because we felt we had found a quiet spot that still had the food and drink amenities we like.