Mount Nevis Hike

Something you must do while visiting Nevis is take a hike -- up Mount Nevis, that is!  We are not a family of avid hikers, so I can assure you that it is not a difficult or extremely strenuous hike.  We did get a little winded, but it's nothing that someone in decent shape and health can't handle.  

We drove to the Golden Rock Inn and used that as our starting point.  They have a wide variety of walking sticks to borrow and they supplied a map to help guide us on our way.  The walk started by taking us through a rural neighborhood of sorts.  Seeing that gave us some real perspective on local life and culture -- very different from what you see in other areas around the island.   

We were expecting mosquitos galore, but there really weren't many.  It was a relief because it would've been a miserable hike if we had had to deal with swatting at them the entire time.  

We did not see any monkeys on our hike, but we saw evidence of them.  And of other animals.  (Can you say "scat"?)  The path was easy follow, and having the map helped us decide when it was the best time to stop and head back.  Figure on at least an hour each way, probably longer.  We went as far as a spot where we had a nice view, then decided it was time to head back for our well-earned lunch and drinks back at Golden Rock.