Mango Art Studio

We had the pleasure of meeting the delightful and knowledgeable Julie Savage Lea at her very own Mango Art Studio.  The studio is located along the main road, up above The Fig Tree and Gingerbread.  You can't miss the yellow wall.  It's located in a home that Julie rented for years and used as her studio.  You can make an appointment to stop in, or check for the "OPEN" sign on the gate when passing by.  

Julie was so sweet and friendly, and our children loved hearing her tell stories about Bequia from back in the late 70's when she first happened upon the island.  She told us about the house and its architecture, how the road used to be dirt when she first started painting there, and we learned a little more about the culture and lifestyle of the island.  Of course, the art on display and for sale is beautiful, but we thought Julie herself was the highlight of our visit to the studio!  

Here are some links to further information about Julie and Mango Art Studio: