Blanchard's Beach Shack, Meads Bay, Anguilla

Well, Blanchard's Beach Shack is an official success as evidenced by the number of customers we saw this year compared to last year shortly after they opened!  It has everything going for it:  Beach-front location on gorgeous Meads Bay, delicious food with a wide range of menu options, friendly service and convenience.   

Since their grand opening, they've added beach chairs for rent out front, similar to what Elodia's does on Shoal Bay East.   (As a fan of how uncrowded Meads Bay is, I'm not sure how I feel about that, but...)  It's definitely putting Meads Bay on the map of beaches to visit for the day.

In summary, we LOVE Blanchard's Beach Shack, as do our children.  They especially enjoyed the frozen yogurt.  We ate there a number of times the week we were there and do not hesitate to highly recommend it.  

Please see last year's blog post about Blanchard's Beach Shack!


Smokey's at The Cove Restaurant, Cove Bay, Anguilla - PERMANENTLY CLOSED

We love spending our Anguilla Sunday afternoons (live music 1pm - 4pm) at Smokey's!  Smokey's at The Cove is a bar/restaurant right on the beach at Cove Bay.  Cove Bay is a beautiful, smallish beach on the St. Martin side of the island.  It's almost always calm, so is good for children and for just cooling off in the water with a rum punch in one hand.  It's a great place to play with a Water Bouncer, too.  

We prefer to be on the sand, closer to the water than the indoor tables allow, so we always reserve a table ahead of time to make sure one is available.  If you're there with children, this is a good idea so that you can keep an eye on them if they choose to play in the sand or splash in the water before and after eating.  We're always glad we reserved in advance, because it can get busy.  

There is a volleyball net (although a little saggy) and a bean bag toss game, both first-come first-serve.  They only had a soccer ball when we asked for a volleyball one time, so now we bring our own.   

Smokey's has an extensive menu and everything we've ever had we've liked.  And they have live music often, which always puts everyone in a good, laid-back, vacation-y mood!    

The Place Restaurant, Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla

The Place just opened in January, 2013 and promises to be a hit.  It's owned by the same family who owns Smokey's.  At least from outward appearances, The Place is a bit more updated/upscale, but still has the beach-y vibe.  They've got a quiet location at the opposite end of Rendezvous Bay from Dune Preserve.  There are beach chairs and loungers and the setting is wonderful.  There's plenty of room for everyone to find their own "personal space", and there are even a few shady spots if the sun gets to be too much.   

At the time we were there, they had only been open a short time, many locals we asked hadn't even heard of it yet.  I was told they were getting ready to change their menu the next day, so I've not posted it here.   

To get there, go down the road as if going to Anguilla Great House or Sunshine Shack.  Continue on to the left on the dirt road.  They do have signs to help you along.   

We look forward to returning to check out the new menu and spend some time eating, drinking and lounging on their beach!   

Closed Mondays, open for lunch beginning at 11am

Flavours Restaurant, South Hill, Anguilla

Flavours re-opened in January and we were lucky enough to visit them soon afterwards.  The unique location and open-air concept gives a wonderful view of Sandy Ground.  The service was great and everyone was very friendly.  The food was delicious and a good value among so many high-priced restaurants.  


Jacala Restaurant, Meads Bay, Anguilla

This was our second visit to Jacala and we loved it just as much as the first time.  The food and service were both fantastic.  Jacques was an excellent host, taking time to chat with us, and to tell us about his history with the restaurant and food industry both in France and Anguilla.  Jacala is one of our favorites in Anguilla and will continue to be on our "For Sure" list for future trips.  

Reservations are a MUST!    264-498-5888

Sunshine Shack Restaurant, Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla

A new discovery for us this trip was Sunshine Shack on Rendezvous Bay.  It really is just a shack on the beach, but a good place to hang out.  The menu is incredibly simple, but the food is delicious.  Grilled by Garvey, right before our eyes.  There are beach chairs to use and depending on the weather, they offer some fun water activities as well.  (Unfortunately, the day we were there it was extremely windy, so no banana boat rides for us.)

Look for it between Anguilla Great House and Cuisinart on Rendezvous Bay.  If you want to do some beach bar hopping, walk down the beach to Dune Preserve for another drink or snack.  

Sunshine Shack is closed on Mondays, open 10:30 - 6:00 Tuesday - Sunday.

Ocean Echo Restaurant, Meads Bay, Anguilla

A brand new, welcome addition to the beach at Meads Bay!  A wonderful spot for both lunch and dinner, right on the beach.  The service is warm, friendly, fun and helpful.  We enjoyed meeting chef Sylvester and talking to him about his experience, his passion for creating dishes using local ingredients, and menu items that allow the true flavors of the fresh ingredients to stand out.  From what we tried, he's doing a great job so far!  

We ate there twice in one week, once for lunch, once for dinner.  A bonus for traveling families is that they have a children's menu ($10, includes dessert, which was ice cream when we were there, although the menu says jello) that the kids can color, providing them a little entertainment beyond playing on the beach while waiting for their food.

Blanchard's Beach Shack, Meads Bay, Anguilla

Once again, an amazing trip to Anguilla!

We were lucky enough to visit the new Blanchard's Beach Shack on Meads Bay a day or two after its grand opening.  What a superb addition to Meads Bay!  It's a much-needed casual, well-priced walk-up right on the beach.  You can dine there or take out lunch or dinner Monday through Saturday.  The food is delicious and the menu offers much more than just basic burgers.  (But keep in mind that their burgers are scrumptious, too!)