Firefly Plantation, Bequia

We spent a lovely afternoon at the Firefly Plantation Bequia.  First we enjoyed lunch in the restaurant.  The service was wonderful -- everyone was very friendly, jovial and helpful.  The food was delicious and highly recommended.  As it is hillside, there's a view of the extensive land that makes up the plantation, all the way to the beach.  

After lunch, we went on the Plantation Tour with Keith as our guide.  (See Plantation Tour post.)

As lunch guests, you are invited to use the pool for the afternoon, which is a little bonus.  

A morning or afternoon at Firefly Plantation (including the tour) is a "Must Do" while on the island.  Package it with a visit to the Turtle Sanctuary, and you have yourself a nice little day trip.  :-)      If you have time and desire, maybe you could work on your membership to the Firefly Martini Club as well!  

Devil's Table Restaurant, Bequia ** PERMANENTLY CLOSED **

Overall, we liked Devil's Table.  We weren't wowed by the food, but that was overshadowed by the restaurant's other features.  The location, right on the water, is always a plus while on a Caribbean vacation.  And the atmosphere/ambience is super cool, with the way it is built into the rocks and the funky water-effect colored lighting.  Devil's Table has a "pirate-y" feel to it without being cheesy at all.  Call it Highbrow Pirate, if you will.  We chose Friday night because they have live music scheduled.  Unfortunately, we didn't realize that the music didn't start until 9pm, and by then we had eaten and lingered long enough, so we missed it.  When we returned to Bequia Beach Hotel that night, the employees told us we really missed out because it would've been a good time.  Next trip...  

Menus with prices as of late March, 2013 are posted below, but just to give a rough idea of price, our dinner bill was $566 EC (roughly $210 US) for two adults, two children, cocktails, juice, appetizers, desserts, bottle of wine and service.  To be fair, $185 EC (roughly $70 US) of that was for the bottle of wine.  So, all in all, we didn't think it was too bad.  Not cheap, but not expensive, either.  

Jack's Bar, Princess Margaret Beach, Bequia

We enjoyed Jack's Bar, in fact we ate there twice for lunch on our Bequia trip!  It's got the market cornered, in that it's the only establishment on Princess Margaret Beach, but that's not the only reason to love it.  Add appetizing menu, delicious food and gorgeous beach location to the list.  The style and vibe are unique on the island -- we thought it was a "St. Barth meets Bequia" sort of thing.  It's super laid-back, yet has a contemporary style and lounge-y music playing in the background. 

I'll admit that it was a bit pricey for Bequia standards.  Our average bill was $123 USD, which included lunch for four, beers and rum punches for the two adults, beach chair rental ($15EC, roughly $5-$6 USD each chair), and service charge.  

To get there, follow the instructions to get to Princess Margaret Beach -- taxi or water taxi are your best bets as parking is extremely limited.  

We didn't make it to any, but they do have nighttime events throughout the week that I'm sure are great.  (Check the weekly Bequia This Week newsletter.)