Long Bay and Nature Boy's Beach Bar, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Even though Smuggler's Cove became our "Go To" beach for the week, we did enjoy a day on one end of Long Bay.  

To get there, drive through the Long Bay Beach Resort complex.  The road will veer to the left (see posting for Smuggler's Cove) -- an entrance to the beach is right there at the curve.  Park anywhere you can on the side of the road.  There was an open area on the right, before the curve, where a few cars can squeeze in.  

Nature Boy was the only vendor on the beach.  He has a makeshift bar that serves about anything you could wish for while on the beach.  Full bar, but no food (at least not that day).  He also had boogie boards for rent at only $5 each -- what fun!  

Smuggler's Cove Beach, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Smuggler's Cove was our favorite beach on the island.  It is definitely off the beaten path -- you take a pothole-filled dirt road to get there.  There's decent snorkeling, four beach shacks to choose from for chairs, food and drinks, and crowds are minimal.  There was one day that a group of cruise ship passengers were taxied to the beach for the day, but it was nothing like the cruise ship crowds we saw at Cane Garden Bay. 

Getting there:  From the West End area, take Zion Hill Road over the hill.  When you come to the "T" at Sebastian's, turn left.  Go through the Long Bay Beach Resort complex until you come to a bend in the road.  Take the bend to the left, then take an immediate right turn on Palm Road.  It is a rough dirt road, but you are on the right track!  You will pass entrances to villas on the left and the parking area for the beach will appear to your right.  Park your car and enjoy!  

Additional tip:  The made-to-order food from the grill at Patricia's Beach Bar was delicious!  (In particular, the mahi mahi and rice and beans -- yummm...)