Jack's Bar, Princess Margaret Beach, Bequia

We enjoyed Jack's Bar, in fact we ate there twice for lunch on our Bequia trip!  It's got the market cornered, in that it's the only establishment on Princess Margaret Beach, but that's not the only reason to love it.  Add appetizing menu, delicious food and gorgeous beach location to the list.  The style and vibe are unique on the island -- we thought it was a "St. Barth meets Bequia" sort of thing.  It's super laid-back, yet has a contemporary style and lounge-y music playing in the background. 

I'll admit that it was a bit pricey for Bequia standards.  Our average bill was $123 USD, which included lunch for four, beers and rum punches for the two adults, beach chair rental ($15EC, roughly $5-$6 USD each chair), and service charge.  

To get there, follow the instructions to get to Princess Margaret Beach -- taxi or water taxi are your best bets as parking is extremely limited.  

We didn't make it to any, but they do have nighttime events throughout the week that I'm sure are great.  (Check the weekly Bequia This Week newsletter.)