Sunshine's, Nevis

Sunshine's on Pinney's Beach in Nevis is kind of a staple -- you gotta go.  How can you go all the way to Nevis and not enjoy one of Sunshine's famous Killer Bees?  

Although it is set back from the beach (like all restaurants on Pinney's Beach), it's just a short walk from the water (see photo below that will give perspective).  We prefer to go somewhere where the kiddos can play on the beach and in the water right in front of us while we're ordering and waiting for our food, but Sunshine's makes up for it by having a trampoline and swing set to keep the young ones entertained.  And it's all about keeping the kids happy, isn't it?  ;-)  

The food at Sunshine's is basic, but good, fresh and decently priced.  During the week we visited Nevis, we lunched at Sunshine's twice.  The kids loved the hot dogs and burgers, and the adults enjoyed fish sandwiches and lobster salad.