The Place Restaurant, Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla

The Place just opened in January, 2013 and promises to be a hit.  It's owned by the same family who owns Smokey's.  At least from outward appearances, The Place is a bit more updated/upscale, but still has the beach-y vibe.  They've got a quiet location at the opposite end of Rendezvous Bay from Dune Preserve.  There are beach chairs and loungers and the setting is wonderful.  There's plenty of room for everyone to find their own "personal space", and there are even a few shady spots if the sun gets to be too much.   

At the time we were there, they had only been open a short time, many locals we asked hadn't even heard of it yet.  I was told they were getting ready to change their menu the next day, so I've not posted it here.   

To get there, go down the road as if going to Anguilla Great House or Sunshine Shack.  Continue on to the left on the dirt road.  They do have signs to help you along.   

We look forward to returning to check out the new menu and spend some time eating, drinking and lounging on their beach!   

Closed Mondays, open for lunch beginning at 11am