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Here are some items we recommend.  Happy shopping!  



Travel Gear

This bag is a great waterproof bag to have at the beach and on boat-based day trips.  It kept water out and greatly reduced the amount of sand vs. other bags we've tried.  We inserted a padded camera gear bag (see green bag below) and still had plenty of room for sunscreen, wallets, keys, etc.  Can't recommend it enough!  (Available in blue, yellow, black and red.)

This is the padded insert we used for our camera gear.


Mesh bags are a must for carrying snorkel gear as well as any shells you've collected along the way.

Other Fun and Useful Items

The Water Bouncer is a ton of fun on a calm beach!  It skips right across the surface of the water.  Great for or with the kids, or just for something to do while waist deep in the water with a rum punch in your hand!  

I am a huge fan of Neutrogena sunscreen, especially for the sensitive skin of my face.  Highly recommended!