Nevis was a pleasant surprise for us.  I thought it would be more built-up and commercial than it is.  It's not even remotely built-up or commercial!  Nevis is pretty easy to get to, which is another reason we thought it would be pretty touristy.  Finding one's way around the island is simple, the people are very friendly and welcoming, and there is a variety of activities to keep oneself busy.  

Nevis is quiet, but not in a boring way.  There aren't any nightclubs or casinos there. But there is usually something going on each night of the week:  karaoke, live music, or special restaurant meals such as West Indian Buffet nights, pizza/pasta and beach BBQ's.

For all beach bar fans, it is important to note that Nevis has very few true beach bars.  The ones that are on Pinney's Beach are set far enough back that you can't see where the water meets the beach.  Our modus operandi while on beach vacations is to find a beach bar/restaurant and park there for the day.  We were able to accomplish that, but with a little less variety than in other locales.  


Getting There

There are two options:  Fly into St. Kitts then take a ferry or water taxi OR fly directly to Nevis.  For us, flights were easier to find and more affordable to fly to St. Kitts.  We then took a 30-minute ($40) cab ride to Reggae Beach (St. Kitts) where we met our water taxi.  The ride over to Nevis was on a large, comfortable boat, complete with cold drinks (beer, Ting, water) and friendly crew.  The ride is less than 10 minutes to Oualie Beach, and costs $20 per person.  Easy peasy!  

We rented a house through Sugar Mill Real Estate and the owner, Suzanne Gordon, arranged all of our transfers for us.  Whether you rent directly from them, via another management company, or stay at a hotel, chances are that you will have help in arranging your transfers.  


Where To Stay

Most Nevis hotels are hillside and/or not directly on the beach.  We prefer to be near the water, so that took a fair number of places out of the running.  The hotels that were left just didn't appeal to us for one reason or another (price, location, accommodations, etc.).  

Rent a house through Sugar Mill Real Estate.  They offer a variety of styles and sizes, all decently priced.  


Where to Eat

Double Deuce

Yachtsman Grill

Golden Rock

Chrishi Beach

Oualie Beach Hotel



What To Do

Fishing with Caribbean Catch

Go for a hike -- Start at the path at Golden Rock, then enjoy lunch and a refreshing drink at the restaurant when you return.  Golden Rock is so gorgeous, that even if you don't do a hike, it's worth going to see.  

Half-day sailing charter with Nevis Yacht Charters